Finishes & Patterns

Timeless techniques transform earth into ceramic canopies handcrafted exclusively for your Cedar & Moss fixtures by the magic makers at Pratt + Larson.




The Star pattern is taken from Pratt + Larson's Scraffito collection. Scraffito is inspired by an ancient ceramics technique in which a surface layer is scratched to reveal a ground of contrasting color. Deriving inspiration from medieval Europe and Arabic geometry, these original designs were hand carved – giving the lines a beautiful, drawn quality rarely captured in ceramic tile.


The Sunflower pattern is a hand carved pattern inspired by Pratt + Larson's embossed ceramic art tiles. The repeating carved texture allows the glaze to pool in the low areas and recede in the high spots. This gives the pattern a wonderful sense of depth with a large variation of color and character.


The Swift pattern is reminiscent of Pratt + Larson's smooth field tile. A smooth, even surface gives each canopy a clean, modern feeling that showcases the eye-catching beauty of Pratt + Larson's magical ceramic glazes.