Amherst by Cedar & Moss shown in Maple with Natural White Quilted ceramic. Interior design by LHK Interiors.

Amherst by Cedar & Moss shown in Maple with Natural White & Cream Quilted ceramic. Interior design by LHK Interiors.

Embrace the Practical Aspects

In the primary bathroom, where grooming rituals and relaxation converge, it's crucial to prioritize your lighting design. Lighting is a fundamental element in shaping the ambiance and functionality of your own stylish sanctuary. To give you the most flexibility, we recommend layering a combination of ambient, vanity, and accent lighting in your design. Regardless of its size, selecting the perfect lighting can significantly enhance this essential space's design and practicality.

1. Ensure Adequate Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting sets the mood and provides overall visibility in the primary bathroom. A windowless bathroom will require more supplemental lighting than one flooded with natural light. Incorporate flush mount or semi-flush mount ceiling lights to achieve uniform illumination throughout the space. 

2. Prioritize Vanity Lighting

Vanity lighting takes center stage in the primary bathroom, facilitating activities like grooming and skincare routines. Installing wall-mounted sconces flanking the vanity mirror ensures focused illumination without casting harsh shadows. If wall space is limited, consider pendant lights to infuse style while maintaining functionality.

3. Enhance with Accent Lighting

Accent lighting adds a layer of visual interest and depth to your design. Consider an accent light near a bathtub or for use late at night to help keep the mood mellow for when it's time to unwind. Installing a dimmer switch on the wall offers the versatility to adjust the lighting intensity to suit different occasions.

Sorbonne Surface 14" Tulip and Bijou Double by Cedar & Moss shown in Heirloom Brass.

Sorbonne Surface 14" Tulip and Bijou Double by Cedar & Moss shown in Heirloom Brass.

Showcase Your Design Preferences

Your personal design preferences and the overall style of your primary bathroom should guide your lighting choices, seamlessly integrating with the existing decor.

1. Set the Mood

Whether your primary bathroom boasts a Modernist, Traditional, or Minimalist aesthetic, select fixtures that harmonize with your style. For a classic look, search for elegant details and patinas like those in our Bijou and Marie collections. For a modern look, opt for minimalist designs with clean lines and geometric shapes, such as our Amélie or Venus collections.

2. Coordinate Finishes and Materials

Harmonize the finishes and materials of your lighting with other elements in the primary bathroom, such as faucets, hardware, and decor accents. Consider incorporating complementary materials such as glass, wood, or ceramic for added texture and visual interest. If uncertain, ordering finish samples can help coordinate your design scheme.

3. Scale and Proportion Matter

Ensure the scale and proportion of your lighting align with the dimensions of your bathroom. Avoid overwhelming small spaces with oversized fixtures or underwhelming large spaces with undersized fixtures. Strive for balance by selecting fixtures appropriately scaled to the room's size and the vanity area. When in doubt, create a template using the dimensions found on the fixture's product page or cut sheet. Use the dimensions to make a scale model with cardboard, balloons, or other home craft materials.

Ramona 8" by Cedar & Moss shown in Matte Black. Interior design by Wise Design.

Ramona 8" by Cedar & Moss shown in Matte Black. Interior design by Wise Design. Photo by Meagan Larsen Photography.

Final Thoughts

Designing the perfect lighting for your primary bathroom is a delicate blend of practicality and aesthetics. By ensuring ambient illumination for overall visibility, prioritizing vanity lighting for grooming routines, and incorporating accent lighting for added ambiance, you can create a sanctuary tailored to your needs. Consider your design preferences, coordinate finishes, and pay attention to scale to achieve a cohesive and inviting design. With thoughtfully chosen fixtures, your primary bathroom will emerge as a serene and stylish retreat.


February 14, 2024
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