We hope you had fun summer with plenty of beach time, yet blissfully devoid of camping. Unless you like camping. Then we hope the stars were bright.
We are loving the personal resets we see as we head into fall. Kids climbing into new outfits and shoes. College students appointing their dorm rooms. All of us thinking about cooler weather and new seasons. Maybe swapping out free floating linen for denim. But roomy denim. And not low rise. Or not high rise. And not boot cut. Or not skinny. (It’s confusing. Always.)

In between juggling work, summer camps and vacations we were busy releasing new designs.  As we pause to take a breath, we realize that we’ve launched almost 50 new designs in the last 6 months. Not exactly as impressive as 44 songs in 3.5 hours, but a productive studio era for sure.  To our absolute delight some of those designs came from the vault. Ideas tucked away for years are now seeing the light of day. 
The adorable Concrete Cutie rolled its way onto our website and is regularly selling out. Compact. Textured. With a soft glow. Lucy, Parker, and Rosie just joined the group as well. Crafted in maple, they warm up any space instantly. Which is especially great as things cool down. Bijou and Brigette, from our new traditional collection, revel in vacation memories of cobblestones and croissants.
New designs are being posted on our site regularly as we prepare to celebrate our studio’s 10th anniversary. We love being a part of your creative process and look forward to seeing what dream house projects you’re working on next. As always, feel free to drop a line with any questions. About lights. And dream houses. Not denim.
Cedar & Moss


September 07, 2023
Tags: Stories

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